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Structured Cabling Solutions

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AT&T Cabling Systems provides complete and state-of-the-art LAN cabling solutions and components for all needs of enterprise customers. Our high-performance network infrastructure solutions based on innovative designs and highly advanced technology are the first choice for all applications. Combining unmatched reliability with the unparalleled AT&T Millennium™ Lifetime warranty, AT&T Cabling Systems is your key to years of fail-safe and trouble-free operation, minimizing system downtime and maximizing your profits.

AT&T CopperLine AT&T FiberLine AT&T CenterLine

• Category 3
• CopperLine Category 5
• CopperLine Category 5e
• CopperLine Category 6
• CopperLine Category 6A
• CopperLine Category 7
• CopperLine Category 7A
• CopperLine 1200MHz
• CopperLine Category 8
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AT&T CopperLine

FiberLine FO Distribution System
• FiberLine Pre Terminated (MPO/MTP)
• FiberLine Terminated Cords, Pigtails
• FiberLine FO Horizontal System (FTTx)
• FiberLine FO Outlets
• FiberLine Port Security Solution
• FiberLine FO Cables:
FiberLine Breakout, TB Cables
FiberLine Single/Multi Loose-Tube Cables
FiberLine Simplex & Duplex Cables
FiberLine Micro-Tube Cables

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• CenterLine Enclosures & Rack Systems (Server & Networking)
• CenterLine Active Cooling Cabinets
• CenterLine Hot/Cold Corridor Containment Systems
• CenterLine Power Distribution Units (Basic, Metered, Monitored)
• CenterLine Monitoring & Management Systems
• CenterLine Access Control System
• CenterLine Copper Cabling Solutions
• CenterLine FO Cabling Solutions

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AT&T RackLine AT&T OutdoorLine AT&T Port-LockLine

• RackLine Server Cabinets
• RackLine Networking Cabinets
• RackLine SOHO Cabinets
• RackLine Cable Management Solutions
• RackLine Accessories
• RackLine Power Distribution Systems
• RackLine Ventilation Systems

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• OutdoorLine Telephone & Category 3 Multipair Cables
• OutdoorLine LAN Cables
• OutdoorLine LAN Connectivity
• OutdoorLine FO Cables
• OutdoorLine FO ConnectionBoxes
• OutdoorLine Cabinets
• OutdoorLine FTTx Solutions

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• Port-LockLine Category 6
• Port-LockLine Category 6A
• Port-LockLine SC Simplex
• Port-LockLine LC Duplex

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• CablingGuard Category 5e Copper Panels
• CablingGuard Category 6 Copper Panels
• CablingGuard Category 6A Copper Panels
• CablingGuard Fiber Optic Panels
• CablingGuard Smart Card
• CablingGuard Channel Infrastructure Analyzer
• CablingGuard Application Software

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AT&T Millennium™ Lifetime Warranty

All AT&T Cabling Systems networks are warranted for the life of the network after a formal AT&T Millennium™ Lifetime Warranty is issued.

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Component Warranty.

All AT&T Cabling Systems components are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in material or workmanship, under normal and proper use.

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System Performance Warranty

All AT&T Cabling Systems channels and permanent links are warranted to comply with the category in which the system is certified.

Application Assurance Warranty

All AT&T Cabling Systems networks are warranted to be free from defects which prevent the operation of standards based applications and protocols for the category in which the system is certified.