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Vendors / Exterity

| IPTV | Digital Signage | Video Distribution | Live TV |

Exterity IP video and digital signage solutions enable you to deliver content to any device, anywhere in a business environment. Exterity offers IP video and digital signage solutions for multiple industries such as Corporate and Finance, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Leisure, Broadcast and Media, Government and Military, Oil and Gas, Transport, Stadiums and Venues.


Distribute live TV around your organization via your IP network

Digital Signage

Display informative, persuasive and visually engaging content

Mobile Video

Deliver content beyond the LAN by streaming to mobile devices, anywhere

Secure Video

Safeguard premium video with built-in, end-to-end content protection

Live TV

Distribute live TV around your organization via your IP network

Video Distribution

Inform, educate and entertain with robust, secure video distribution

Exterity has hardware and software products that support every stage of the IP video workflow. Our end-to-end solutions enable you to capture TV and video content directly from any source and manage its delivery, as channels or within digital signage, to any connected device on your existing network, as well as beyond the corporate LAN via WAN, Wi-Fi and the Internet to any device, in any location.

Exterity's extensive range of TVgateways, Encoders, Transcoders, Origin Server and set-top Media Player decoders are seamlessly integrated and controlled via our dedicated AvediaServer, guaranteeing a level of robustness and reliability that cannot be matched by other providers who have to rely on third party products to complete their solution.